Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

'Pill City' author: Police corruption trial a reminder of how much the cops aren't telling us about the aftermath of the riots

Your story about looted drugs allegedly being sold by police ("GTTF testimony draws link back to drugs looted from Baltimore pharmacies in 2015 riot after Freddie Gray funeral, Feb. 2), made mention of my book "Pill City," which chronicled in detail the trafficking of looted opioids in Baltimore. Several key events described during the GTTF trial — dealers transporting looted prescription drugs around the city in large trash bags; rip offs of established street dealers; meetings between influential dealers and suppliers — were also examined in my book, and I thank The Sun for continuing to inform the public about these disturbing matters.

The Sun's trial coverage highlighted the riots' impact on the drug trade: about a third of the city’s pharmacies and two methadone clinics were looted during the unrest, and nearly 315,000 doses of prescription drugs were reported stolen, helping fuel a citywide rise in violence (Witness: Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force officer brought him trash bags full of looted drugs amid 2015 riot, Feb. 1). The revelations that GTTF members were allegedly involved in the sale of some looted drugs serve as a reminder that authorities have revealed only a fraction of what they know about what transpired during, and after, the riots. I know The Sun will continue striving to uncover the rest.

Kevin Deutsch

The writer is author of "Pill City."

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