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Democrats can better exert their power by keeping Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Do the Democrats have a need to self-destruct? By winning the majority in the House in this election, they are now in the "driver's seat" regarding investigations and getting legislation passed. Yet, they squabble among themselves about Nancy Pelosi and her bid to become speaker of the House again (“16 dissident House Democrats vow to oppose Nancy Pelosi as next speaker,” Nov. 19).

Yes, I know that many of the newly elected Democrats' platform included never voting her in as speaker again, but, with this majority, they now have an opportunity to make a real difference. And the only way to do that right now is for Ms. Pelosi to become speaker again (“Nancy Pelosi says she has votes to be next House speaker, but potential challenger has emerged,” Nov. 15).

As a Democrat, after the 2016 election, I felt that the path for the party to be relevant again was to reach out to young people to help put this country back on course, and, obviously, they have done just that. However, to be relevant again also meant new leadership in the party — out with the old, in with the new. In other words, ditching Ms. Pelosi.

But now reality has set in. Most of these newly elected Democratic representatives have never held en elected position. Ms. Pelosi, with her years of experience and political acumen, is the leader to guide them through these fraught times. Hopefully, she will recognize that her time in the political arena is winding down and will mentor new leadership candidates as they emerge.

My plea to these newly elected Congressmen and women is to please realize the opportunity they have now. How to make the best use of the opportunity would be to re-elect Ms. Pelosi as Speaker of the House. I believe their constituents will forgive them if they start to make a real difference in their lives.

Michelle Peyton, Havre de Grace

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