Must The Sun do a liberal re-write of Pearl Harbor?

It may seem minor to most, but something appeared in the December 7th issue of this newspaper that is superbly indicative of the lefty mindset at The Baltimore Sun. In the little column, “Today In History,” it was noted that on that date in 1941, Japan made a “pre-emptive” attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor.

I’ve read a lot of history, and the attack on Pearl Harbor is universally recognized as a surprise, sneak, or unprovoked attack but never “pre-emptive.” Use of that term implies that the U.S. was on the verge of attacking Japan and the Japanese Empire was merely getting in the first punch. That is left-wing revisionist history designed to once again blame America for every evil occurring in the world since 1776.

While the U.S. had (poorly designed) contingency plans for a war with Japan, no impending attack on the Empire was in the offing. Let’s try to get some real journalism back at this newspaper and report some facts.

Len Brewer, Severn

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