Invest in military veterans, not parades

I've read your editorial, “Trump wants a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Does this look like America?” (Feb. 7), and have a suggestion for President Donald Trump and our military leaders. Please take the budget you're proposing for the parade and use our tax funds to honor our service people by helping homeless veterans and vets in our VA centers. President Trump could lead a parade of thankful citizens to our VA centers this Memorial Day weekend.

I'd suggest he start at the VA Center in Martinsburg, W. Va. After visiting the wounded warriors there, he could drive over to Sharpsburg for their annual Memorial Day parade. It's one of the oldest in the nation. They do a wreath laying at 11 a.m. and then have a parade up to the Antietam National Cemetery where U.S. soldiers killed at Antietam and others who have given the "last full measure" from other wars are buried.

After that, I'd like to suggest a tour of the Antietam battlefield. I'm sure the park superintendent would like to personally thank President Trump for giving Antietam his first paycheck last year. Many presidents have toured Antietam. President Abraham Lincoln was the first. We could take President Trump to the site where the famous photo was taken with Gen. George B. McClellan and his staff. A few days after the photo was taken, President Lincoln fired General McClellan for acts that many historians believe President Lincoln felt were treasonous. General McClellan would go on to run against President Lincoln in 1864, his platform included negotiating an end to the war and preserving slavery.

Mike Wicklein, Baltimore

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