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An ode to George H.W. Bush

He was the first presidential candidate I voted for when I was old enough to do so.

He tussled with political opponents, but they weren't his enemies.

He led with principles, but understood the value of compromise (“George H.W. Bush and the benefits of civility,” Dec. 4).

He believed the office was greater than the power it provided.

When the world was at war, he served.

He dated his wife for 73 years.

He encouraged those who followed, and believed their success benefited the country he loved.

Like those before and after, neither he, nor his policies, were perfect. But it seems he understood this. And it produced a tone, humility, and decency increasingly rare.

Politics isn't the end-all.

But public leaders' lives speak loudly.

Thank you, 41. I heard you.

Rest in peace, Mr. President (“What they're saying about George H.W. Bush, 41st president,” Dec. 1).

- a grateful kid from Chicago

Todd Gaddy, Lutherville

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