Ocean City mayor skipped over facts

I read with interest Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan's letter regarding his town’s support of clean energy (“OC Mayor: We support clean energy,” Feb. 12). He made a few errors which I believe to be important.

First, he said the polls showing support for the projects were sponsored by the developers. It's true that the Gonzales Research and Media poll did have developer involvement, but the other two (Goucher College and OpinionWorks) were completely independent and showed the same results — Marylanders are in favor of the projects, and there would be no adverse impact on tourism and property values.

Second, he referenced a poll from North Carolina. He wasn't incorrect entirely but rather chose to omit that the negative responses he indicated were for turbines placed within 2-8 miles off shore. Additionally, he chose to omit that the responses to the same set of questions with the turbines located eight miles and beyond from shore showed there would be little, if any, change in tourism rentals.

Lastly, he said that the turbines proposed off the shore of Ocean City could be moved further away. As I understand it, there are barriers to doing this such as the actual lease area itself as well as shipping lanes — not to mention what I imagine would be increased costs.

Paige Davey, Cockeysville

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