Ocean City is tilting at the wrong windmills

There are things the elected officials of Ocean City need to worry about. They need to worry about increased flooding throughout the town. They need to worry about the traffic that gridlocks the city throughout the summer. They need to worry about the lack of available workers to keep their businesses going. They do not need to worry about the impact on tourism from offshore wind turbines (“A wind farm developer offered Ocean City free electricity, but resort town is still fighting offshore turbines,” June 11).

I love Ocean City. I like sitting on the beach with the never-ending kaleidoscope of colors and activity on a summer afternoon. I don't mind the ever present boat going by advertising an all-you-can-eat seafood special; the Ocean City Rocket boat zooming up and down; the wind surfers; or even the banner planes flying over urging me to attend the two for one drink special "tonight only" at the local nightclub (ladies get in free). I'm not at all sure that anyone will even be able to see, let alone be offended by the wind turbines 14 miles off shore.

The beach at Ocean City more closely resembles a "Where's Waldo" drawing than a pristine natural area. It's hard to picture an area better suited to wind energy. And going back to the things you do need to worry about, wind turbines may do just a tiny bit to help mitigate increased flooding in the area.

Ann H. Jones, Ellicott City

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