OC wind is part of clean energy future

The Sun was right to criticize the vote by the Ocean City Council to oppose offshore wind development any closer than 26 miles off-shore (“Ocean City finds wind turbines too gauche,” Feb 6). The council’s decision was exactly the kind of short-sighted approach to energy that has left us with an ever-worsening climate crisis. Sea level rise is already an existential threat to Ocean City and many other communities along Maryland’s 3,000 miles of coastline. Yet the council is discouraging the clean, carbon-free energy created by offshore wind that is precisely the solution to climate change that scientists and engineers have long advocated.

Wind energy would provide not only clean electricity for our state, it would also create thousands of good paying jobs. Legislation recently introduced in Annapolis, the 100% Clean Renewable Energy & Equity Act, would transition Maryland’s electricity supply to 100 percent clean energy by 2035, largely by offering incentives for additional offshore wind development. A new analysis of the bill shows that it would create about 12,000 new jobs, around half of which would be in the offshore wind industry. Moving away from fossil fuels and powering our state with 100 percent clean energy would be a boon for Maryland’s economy, and might just help save Ocean City from climate catastrophe.

Rianna Eckel, Baltimore

The writer is a Maryland organizer for Food & Water Watch.

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