Abolish NFL's tax break

I agree with all of Childs Walker’s reasons that the NFL is beginning to get the cold shoulder from its fans (“Defections from the left and right: NFL fans, players face unsettled times,” Sept. 7). However, a truly glaring issue was either overlooked or ignored. The NFL does not and has never paid corporate income tax at either the state or federal level. A good many NFL fans are either unaware or indifferent to that fact. I don't understand how owners in a multi-billion-dollar annual business can allow their employees to disrespect U.S. taxpayers who are giving them a free ride. I'm amazed that the big businesses that advertise on the NFL networks continue to stay with them. President Donald Trump should get his wealthy, powerful friends in Congress to pass a law forever ending the NFL's tax exempt status if he really wants to charge them for their indiscretions, especially with the national anthem.

As I view Baltimore today, I see a city in chaos and confusion where anything goes at any time. The schools are in shambles, the archaic infrastructure calls for a gigantic overhaul and many of the roadways are of banana republic quality. People are streaming out of the city and Baltimore needs much assistance to right the ship and put it back on track as the "Charm City" I grew up in. I'm sure Baltimore is not the only NFL city where this is happening.

I was born and raised as a Baltimore Colts fan, as my father was an original season ticket holder in 1954. Yet for the past 18 years, I haven't even watched a single NFL game on television or in person. Currently, the city and state only get a 10 percent luxury tax that the fans fork over. Their stadium was built and maintained by public money and the lottery. If those fat cat freeloaders want to be indifferent to all of these issues, make them pay for their independent, indifferent stance towards the U.S. and common decency. People who don't pay taxes are "wards of the state,” are they not?

It finally looks like many people who once blindly revered the almighty NFL are being restored to sanity. Bravo! It's about time. Billionaires don't pay taxes here and the schools are too hot in summer and have no heat in winter. I just don't get it.

George Hammerbacher, Baltimore

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