Trump-Nazi parallel is, sadly, all too real

For two and a half years, knowledgeable commentators — op-ed writers, book authors, television and radio discussion forum participants, as well as private citizens in conversation with others who know their history — have pointed out the striking, glaring parallels between Germany in the 1930s and Donald J. Trump's vision for America and the actions and behavior of his followers.

KAL's cartoon ("No laughing matter when KAL refers to Nazis,” June 12) was not meant to be a laughing matter of any kind. He meant to remind us of the resemblance of an abhorrent political movement in the 1930s to our current situation. It was a wake-up call because, although this president may not lead us into repeating the unimaginable horrors of World War II, he is doing a damn fine job of fomenting civil unrest in this country and drawing other countries of the world into needless confrontations.

N. L. Bruggman

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