Maryland must resist more gas pipelines

I agree with the editorial that signing a contract with Altra Gas Ltd to expand natural gas services in Maryland will hurt our state (“Is a $103 million expansion of natural gas service the best Md. can do?” Feb. 26). Gov. Larry Hogan is playing both sides of the coin. In 2017, he supported a statewide ban on fracking due to its negative impact on human health and the environment. Now, he has made a deal with Trans Canada to build a pipeline routed under Potomac River and the C&O Canal. The Potomac Pipeline would threaten the water supply of six million people downstream including residents of the DC Metro region. The fragile karst geology of the Potomac River is prone to breakdown during the process of horizontal drilling, leaking toxic chemicals into our drinking water.

New legislation, the 100 percent Clean Renewable Energy and Equity Act, gives us better options for the future. Natural gas is a long-term commitment, not a pathway to clean energy.

Gail Landy, Gaithersburg

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