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Who cares about clearance rates; just stop the killings

According to an op-ed by by Abell Foundation President Robert C. Embry, (“To stop the killings, Baltimore needs more police data,” Nov. 2), Baltimore has a 30 percent clearance rate for murder, which is well below the 60 percent national clearance rate. But I really question whether the residents of Baltimore need more information like this to stop the killings in Baltimore. The basic Baltimore resident, of which I am one, really doesn’t care about the statistics on clearance rates. What I depend on is the mayor and the police department to stop the killings, using whatever manner need be.

More and more friends of mine tell me they are afraid to go into Baltimore after dark. We want the neighborhoods safe again after dark. Getting attacked by gangs is a definite fear in the city. Getting shot is a definite fear in the city. We want it stopped and to hell with clearance rates. That is why we have a mayor and a police department to figure it out and take whatever measures it requires to make Baltimore safe again.

More studies do not help the crime rate. Having a strong police department and letting them do their job will show the criminal element that we mean business. Will the new police commissioner come in with new ideas as to the problems we have? Will the new commissioner ever get here at all? Crime and drugs are too good a business in Baltimore to be handled by social programs. Come on Madam Mayor get tough and get a tough police commissioner to handle the job and then let him handle it.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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