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Mueller investigation smells to high heaven

The Sun soft-peddles the firing of Peter Strzok from Robert Mueller’s one-sided “investigation” into 2016 election irregularities (“Trump to FBI: Losers,” Dec. 4), but it is becoming increasingly clear that Mr. Strzok’s involvement was significant and significantly biased.

Just days after whitewashing the Hillary Clinton email case, Mr. Strrzok signed the document that opened the “investigation” into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He had led the sham investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton emails from start to finish, and it was he who softened the language in then FBI Director James Comey’s July statement characterizing Ms. Clinton’s conduct as “extremely careless” from the original “grossly negligent.” Use of the original language would have been far more likely to warrant a prosecution.

The extent of Mr. Strzok's involvement in obtaining the FISA warrants predicated upon anti-Trump Russian propaganda contained in the discredited private intelligence dossier written by Christopher Steele and underwritten by the Clinton campaign is still being investigated despite FBI stonewalling. Something stinks, and the stench appears to be emanating directly from the Mueller “investigation.”

Thomas F. McDonough, Towson

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