Mueller acts like an all-powerful pharaoh

I realize that creating wonders of the world such as pharaohs did in having the pyramids constructed was a massive undertaking. Of course, they had a hundred years and unlimited manpower and resources they could devote to those “projects.” But if I am not mistaken, Robert S. Mueller III was given a simple yes or no question to answer. So with all the time, manpower and resources expended to date, why is this project still going on (“Mueller examining connections between Cambridge Analytica, Trump campaign,” March 22)?

In business, the people authorizing the time and money get regular progress reviews in order to assess whether a project is on the right track and should be continued. All I have read or heard to date is the existence of possible (but disputed) evidence of peripheral unlawful activities not directly related to the original question. If a timely answer one way or the other is not forthcoming, it seems time to put the project to rest.

Michael V. Ernest, Catonsville

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