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'Might is right' is wrong

We cannot survive a culture of "might is right" — of fear, aggression, confrontation, hate and anger, commitment to a humongous military complex, reliance on nuclear arms, vast weapons sales to countries across the globe, distrust of other peoples, intervention in senseless foreign wars, overthrowing foreign governments, training and arming foreign armies in the art of killing, and deployment of U.S. armed forces stationed in countries around the world. This violent, ugly and isolating culture leads to disaster.

My father and husband served America in World War II as proud Marines. They had a common dream. It was founded in the belief of triumph over the horrors of war. It was founded in the power of the human spirit to celebrate peace.

I believe in their dream. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe we can change, we can cultivate a sense of our humanity. We can forge connections and develop our kindness, our courage, our compassion and our love. We can enhance our ability to talk, to listen and to understand and work out compromises.

We have the ability to change. We must have the will to make possible a dream that will save this planet.

Cassandra S. Naylor, Stevenson

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