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Republicans choose to soak middle class

With the recent tax reform proposal, the Republican Congress has revealed its agenda to be a massive reduction in corporate taxes paid for by any means possible including soaking the middle class (“Fact check: Trump and the not-so-middle-class tax cut,” Nov. 6). So much for revenue neutrality and fairness; the donors to Republican political races demand their pound of flesh.

And for these Republican politicos, tax reform is a one-way street since their pledge to Grover Norquist will not allow any consideration of a tax increase to ensure our country's fiscal stability. The result will be another explosion in our deficit which the sponsors of this bill know is inevitable. But the long game for this crew is to create a fiscal crisis and then argue for dismantling or reducing Social Security or Medicare benefits, the next chapter in Speaker Paul Ryan's “Better Way” agenda.

Richard LaShier, Perry Hall

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