The truth finally comes out about Metro safety

Thank you for The Sun’s excellent report about the malfeasance of MTA in not heeding the Amalgamated Transit Union’s (ATU) warnings about Baltimore Metro track failures (“Transit union warned of unsafe Baltimore Metro tracks for several years before emergency shutdown,” June 22). Your story reveals an agency willing to put Baltimoreans’ lives in jeopardy. Some of us at the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition have long known and spoken out about this, but now The Sun has the proof.

MTA administrator Kevin Quinn appears to have taken a page out of President Donald Trump’s playbook in responding to these facts. Get presented with incontrovertible facts, deny same facts — works every time. Ignoring safety concerns? No, says Mr. Quinn, citing MTA’s “commitment to safety.” Union members intimidated for bringing up safety concerns (say emails from ATU at the time they felt coerced)? No, says MR. Quinn, “MTA does not tolerate intimidation or coercion.” So there. No harm, no foul. Move on. This entire fiasco needs to be thoroughly investigated, maybe in a court of law. Until then we should remember the Hogan administration is asking us for four more years of this kind of transit management.

Elizabeth Engleman, Baltimore

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