Face it, men and women are different

Thank you, Andrew Goldfinger, for having the courage to say what needs to be said (“Men are wild animals — I should know, I am one,” Jan. 10). Men and women are different (and why is it not politically correct to say that, as the implication would otherwise be that men are the superior sex?). A male relative once told me that every man thinks that every woman wants to sleep with him, and we all tend to think that our way of thinking is the norm. So if a woman appears with her female charms on display, does that not logically mean she’s rarin’ to go?

I think the sexual revolution, beneficial as it was in many ways, came with the implication that this was true: men and women are alike in their feelings about sex — that the male view was shared by everyone. We coerced ourselves, often unconsciously, to feel that we should feel “liberated.” But our “powerful instinctive forces” say not true. Just as males are programmed to procreate, females are the ones who stay at the nest to nurture and raise the resulting young. Instinctively, we know that letting our natural sexual impulses rule the day would mean that we would soon have new and awesome responsibilities. Having a partner to share them would be desirable. So we females are programmed to want a relationship along with our sex. Birth control or no, that’s our basic instinct.

And what is wrong with that difference? Among other benefits, it means two parents for every child, and any fatigued parent can appreciate that. Men, you wild animals, are so very attractive, but will you be here in nine months if I need you and are you the person I want to be there?

So women, while we’re doing the vital work of advocating for making proper male behavior the norm, let us celebrate without shame that yes, we are different. And what’s so bad about that?

Elaine Pardoe, Columbia

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