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Medstar kickbacks: White collar criminals get away with it again

I was struck in The Sun's story "Medstar to pay $35 million in lawsuit” (March 22) that through the federal investigations, the whistle blower lawsuits about kickbacks and the Medicare claims for "medically unnecessary" stents, we again see a big corporation evading criminal charges and stonewalling.

I'm guessing that the first thing MBA students learn these days is that if you get caught doing something crooked, don't worry about a thing. Admit nothing, and the prosecutors will go away if they get some money.

In case after case, we see big banks, oil companies and major hospitals refuse to take responsibility for their misdeeds, refuse to answer questions from the press, and then issue some bland self-serving statement about how dedicated they are to public service, public safety, public welfare, blah, blah, blah.

No one admits fault or shame, and they arrogantly issue a statement filled with lies. Then they go on to find ways to make even more money.

Larry Carson, Columbia

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