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Reporters are the bullies

The Sun's partisan television critic, David Zurawik, and the biased left-wing media have their eyes and ears permanently closed and their big, accusatory mouths constantly wagging when it comes to President Donald Trump. Mr. Zurawik laments that this president's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far (“After White House suspension of CNN’s Acosta, no middle ground any more in battle to cover Trump,” Nov. 8).

My question for him is: Have the press's attacks from Day One of Mr. Trump's presidency gone too far? The answer, if Mr Zurawik were to be honest, would be a resounding yes! CNN's Jim Acosta was allowed to ask his ongoing attack questions for an appropriate amount of time, but when Mr. Trump wanted to move on to another reporter, Mr. Acosta became combative, rude and disrespectful and for this he had his press credentials revoked and I hope permanently!

Mr Zurawik also opined that the real intention of the White House is to bully, intimidate and divide the press. In fact, it is just the opposite. The real intention of the press is to bully, intimidate and divide the people.

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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