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High-speed rail is in Baltimore's future

By 2050, the population in the Northeast Corridor is expected to increase by 27 percent, reaching nearly 65 million people. The corridor has already outgrown its infrastructure, and this growth will strain it to the breaking point. We need to take action! To solve the critical transportation issues, we must employ a variety of options, including repair to existing systems and deployment of new technology. While there has been a significant press reaction to the idea of a Hyperloop (“Hyperloop will improve transportation and national security,” July 31), it is at the concept stage and not a proven technology.

For a generation, high speed rail has been a successful option all around the world, transforming transportation in some of its most congested areas. The Northeast Maglev team is working to bring the world’s newest and fastest train – the Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV) system – to the Northeast Corridor. The SCMAGLEV is a proven, commercially-viable technology already in operation in Japan. With over $6 billion investment in developing the technology and over 15 years of testing and safety approvals, SCMAGLEV can be brought to the Northeast Corridor safely today. Passengers can be transported between cities at 311 mph, with all the comforts of a modern train.

The deployment of first phase of our Northeast Corridor project — from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore — is currently moving forward. We are focused on working with local communities along the corridor conducting the required Environmental Impact Statement and permitting to help develop a project solution that works for everyone. By deploying the world’s fastest train with a proven and time tested technology, we will transform the way we travel, work and live. The Northeast Maglev envisions the private sector, working together with government, solving our nation’s challenges and improving travel conditions for the entire Northeast region.

Wayne Rogers, BaltimoreThe writer is chairman and CEO, The Northeast Maglev.

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