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Lori is part of the church scandal

Archbishop William E. Lori has crafted another statement which at first glance appears to recognize the harm done not just by abusive priests but also church leaders who actively engaged in a cover-up (“Baltimore archbishop outlines path toward reform and renewal in the Catholic Church,” Nov. 9). Archbishop Lori is more than a little disingenuous when he discusses the role of the archdiocese regarding the statute of limitations in Maryland.

The fact is that is that the archdiocese vigorously lobbied against proposed changes in this legislation. House Bill 642 places a greater burden of proof on older victims. The Archdiocese of Baltimore recognized that this bill gave them less legal exposure. In the past, the problem was the scandal whereas now the issue is the money. When will the lying stop?

Mr. Lori is a helicopter bishop with national ambitions. He should resign as Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus or as Archbishop of Baltimore. He should also acknowledge how hard the archdiocese worked against the best interests of its victims.

The manipulation of the legal system by the archdiocese is a scandal as is the impotent public relations campaign which has little credibility.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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