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Loh in admitting responsibility in Jordan McNair case did what no lawyer wants a client to do

Maryland Attorrney General Brian E. Frosh​ told University of Maryland President Wallace Loh that, “you are the client,” (“Maryland's Loh went against attorney general's advice in taking responsibility for McNair mistakes,” Nov. 12). The Baltimore Sun said this could be interpreted in "a number of ways."

Mr. Frosh represents the interest of the state of Maryland and, therefore, the university. His client did something no lawyer likes to see a client do. In criminal law, a case of an armed bank robber who is identified by dozens of bank customers and on security cameras is still advised to exercise his ongoing right to remain silent about his guilt or innocence even after he has been indicted. His defense counsel would advise him to do so. It is the only leverage she has. She can make the prosecutor's task easy, but at a price: an agreed upon sentence that is less than the maximum that might be imposed after a jury finds her client guilty.

Billy Murphy is a fine lawyer, and the McNair family will be well served, but to President Loh, who holds a law degree, clarity is an important thing. While the accused bank robber might say to his lawyer, "If I didn't rob that bank, who did?" Mr. Frosh's client simply said that if the University of Maryland or one of its agents is not responsible for Jordan McNair's death, who is?

Roland Nicholson Jr., Jessup

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