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Libertarian party has long promoted sentencing reform

Thank you for your editorial concerning the relatively modest changes to our federal criminal sentencing guidelines (“Congress should move forward on sentencing reform,” Nov. 20). I do find it interesting, though, that up to this point your newspaper has not made any effort to cover the strong position on this issue taken by both the national and Maryland Libertarian Party. Sentencing reform has been a major plank in the party's platform for a significant time, holding a position that would generally be considered even more "liberal" than the position taken by liberal Democrats. But your newspaper has never made any effort to cover the Libertarian Party, even during the recent mid-term elections, to discover and discuss the positions taken by libertarians on important social issues (“Sun ignores the Libertarian candidates,” Aug. 14). I guess you are not in favor of more than two-party elections.

Is that the best attitude to take if you actually believe in your front-page maxim "Light for All"?

David Griggs, Columbia

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