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Former Md. Democratic Party chairman: I'm crossing party lines to vote for Hogan; you should too

Every day seems to bring more disheartening political news from Washington, D.C. Federal politicians’ inability to work together in a bipartisan fashion rightfully enrages Americans across the country. Yet, the genius of our American democracy is that political life does not revolve around Washington, D.C. In states like Maryland, bipartisan cooperation is not just alive, it's thriving!

As the former chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party and a longtime observer of Maryland politics, I've seen firsthand the difference it makes to have a leader, like Gov. Larry Hogan, who is devoted to bipartisanship, the results of which are clearly being shown with his leadership. It's why I've crossed party lines to support him and help to ensure his success. We must move away from the gridlock and rancor that is sadly all too commonplace in Washington. I believe the bipartisan example Governor Hogan has set in Maryland presents a positive path forward not just in our state, but our country as well.

Governor Hogan’s record of working together with Republicans and Democrats has ensured record funding for education each of these last four years. He designed bipartisan compromise legislation that increased school safety funding, while requiring each school to be responsible for its school safety plan.

Governor Hogan worked with the Democratic-led General Assembly to achieve great success in legislating commonsense, bipartisan solutions to the challenges facing the state left by the previous administration. Marylanders were faced with the burden of health care premium spikes of 50 percent or more because of decisions made by our leadership in D.C. That was unacceptable, and Governor Hogan working with the Democrats and Republicans enacted legislation that would protect Marylanders from massive health care premium increases and stop the breakdown of the individual insurance market. Due to Governor Hogan’s bipartisan efforts, CareFirst members saw the first premium drop in 20 years.

Decades ago, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously noted that the states can act as laboratories of democracy. Governor Hogan's example of leadership shows what a government led by someone who places great value on bipartisanship looks like. That's why, as a former chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party, I crossed the aisle to support Governor Hogan, and for me that was a big deal. And it's why I'm calling on all my fellow Maryland Democrats to put the people of Maryland first, not their party, and support Governor Hogan for re-election.

Nathan Landow, Bethesda

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