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Kavanaugh's 'job interview' an inquisition

The media keeps touting the hearings on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination as a job interview. What kind of fair and credible job interview has the nearly half of the hiring interviewers with their minds set against hiring the applicant before that person has even interviewed for the job? It seems the applicant should contact the HR department for an explanation on their hiring practices (“Kavanaugh once started a bar fight that led to his questioning by police, Yale grad says,” Oct. 2).

Pity the next nominee for an any open Supreme Court seat as that person will no longer be subject to “Borking” but likely “Kavanaughing,” which is the new operative term for the Democrats’ version of the Inquisition. Can anyone imagine if Donald Trump or another Republican president were faced with replacing the aging and Trump-hating Ruth Bader Ginsburg? That would be the mother of all circuses with likely the same cast of politically-motivated and biased clowns running the show.

Michael V. Ernest, Catonsville

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