KAL's outrageous, disrespectful parade

The recent cartoon by Kevin Kallaugher left me stunned and irritated (“Trump’s military parade,” Feb. 25)! Yes, the old cliché, “It’s only a cartoon” is unacceptable.

Week after week, “KAL’s View” has expressed his personal disdain, hate and vitriol for President Donald Trump. His most recent cartoon was revolting and nauseating. To correlate President Trump’s suggestion to arm qualified and trained teachers to help suppress the slaughtering of children to his proposed military parade is distasteful and vomitous.

And to add to KAL’s contempt, he portrays our president’s hand in Nazi salute mode. What? There were 17 of our young children massacred while attending school, and KAL creates a cartoon diminishing the very essence of a tragedy with another opportunity to express his mean-spiritness for President Trump.

Stephen A. Favazza, Timonium

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