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Former Salisbury mayor: Vote for Colvin

Once in a great while a candidate seeks an office for which he or she is perfectly suited and is a terrific fit for their district. Jesse Colvin is such a candidate for Maryland’s First Congressional District (“In Maryland's 8 U.S. House races, one flips the script as Democrat Jesse Colvin challenges GOP Rep. Andy Harris,” Oct. 25). He is not a candidate to support simply because he is better than the incumbent, although he is. He is the individual who will honestly and fairly represent the unique interests of the Chesapeake Bay region, in the tradition of Wayne Gilchrest, Charles “Mac” Mathias and Rogers C.B. Morton.

Jesse Colvin has the remarkable character that will help cure the toxic environment in Washington. After 9/11, he made the decision to pursue a military career and ultimately became an Army Ranger. His education led him to concentrate in history and the Arabic language. We need a representative who has been on the front lines, who understands what is going on, and most importantly is committed to fixing the challenges we are facing in this area of the world. His votes will reflect his “on the ground” experience in combat. Moreover, we need someone who is not afraid to run into the middle of the “problem” and become part of the solution.

As an Army Ranger, serving four combat deployments in Afghanistan, Jesse was the proverbial first responder, running toward the crisis. He is in this race for all the right reasons. He is committed to making this country and this district a better and more equitable place for his son, born just six months ago. When you look at his credentials, you realize that he could do almost anything he wanted to in life, but thankfully he has chosen public service, service to us.

Jesse’s grasp of the challenges facing the First District is extensive, and he will work for us in Congress, to preserve the Chesapeake Bay, preserve our agricultural tradition, advocate for veterans and pursue fair health care legislation to improve our unique quality of life. He represents our future and it is time to heal the divide that has plagued our Republic for too many years. We need someone like Jesse Colvin, who can see the whole picture, with the courage to stand up for the better angels of our nature.

Barrie Parsons Tilghman, Salisbury

The writer was mayor of Salisbury from 1998-2009.

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