With Jerusalem decision, Trump puts lives at risk foolishly

The Mideast may be uneasy over President Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and Americans here at home should also be alarmed. Just when I thought this country couldn’t make another dumb mistake in that volatile region along comes our president with a barrel of gunpowder and a match (“Trump declares it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel,” Dec. 6).

The issue of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has been around for a long time, and wisely we’ve taken a hands-off approach. Jerusalem is holy to three religions and should be off limits when it comes to campaign pledges and U.S. foreign policy. I’m glad so many world leaders are speaking out against President Trump’s dangerous move.

There are factions in the Middle East who’ll utilize the Jerusalem capital initiative to create more havoc and violence, not just in the region, but throughout the world. Don’t we have enough bloodshed and destruction already? Mr. Trump’s initiative to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital put millions of lives at risk everywhere.

R. N. Heid, Baltimore

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