Ben Jealous, hero to the 'economically illiterate'

Ben Jealous, like Bernie Sanders, is the candidate of the economically illiterate who think you can get something for nothing. The Baltimore Sun’s own editorial board concedes that he doesn't have clear proposals for how to pay for Medicare for all or "free" college tuition, though, in fact, the answer is simple: The same people who think they're getting it for free will pay (“Ben Jealous for governor,” June 13).

People will pay for their socialized health care and education in the form of lower incomes and fewer jobs. Because they aren't presented with medical or tuition bills, they think it's free, but the costs are always there in the background, whether directly in the taxes they pay or indirectly in the lost opportunities from stunted economic growth. It's no accident that countries like Sweden and Germany rank among the poorest states in the U.S. in terms of income as a consequence of their welfare states.

This doesn't mean you should endorse any of the other candidates in the Democratic primary, of course. There isn't one of them who doesn't think the answer to the problems caused by government is always more government.

Jonathan Gress-Wright, Baltimore

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