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Jealous' gerrymandering lost him this Democratic vote

I am a dyed in the wool Democrat who has enjoyed living in a basically Democratic state, if not in a Democratic neighborhood. My tendency has been to essentially vote on a party line, but the threat that Ben Jealous has offered with regard to gerrymandering geographical lines has me worried (“Ben Jealous has promised to do a lot of things. We didn't expect gerrymandering to be one of them.,” Sept. 28).

Gov. Larry Hogan won a fair contest the last time. This is what we should be able to expect. There should be no presumption for either party to believe that it will win because of tilting the scales in their favor. This further divides us as a country. If it is true that majority rules, then voting results should reflect equity of opportunity for everyone's ballot to count.

It is a fact of life that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Let's keep it easier to be gracious in either defeat or victory because, at least, we were playing on a level field.

Gilbert Bliss, Freeland

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