Don't embolden Iran by tossing nuclear deal

A reader urges Sen. Ben Cardin to support the views of his constituents and oppose the Iran nuclear agreement (“Cardin should stick to his opposition to the Iran deal,” Feb. 13). I am a Cardin constituent who vigorously supports that agreement that has successfully stopped Iran from developing nuclear capability.

Critics of the agreement are sadly misinformed if they believe it can be broadened to include issues not originally negotiated. Our allies in Europe and Asia, who were essential partners in reaching the Iran deal, very correctly oppose opening up new negotiations. If the U.S. pulls out unilaterally, it will allow Iran to resume its nuclear program, will embolden Iranian extremists who have opposed the agreement all along, and it will make the U.S. the villain that broke the agreement.

Indeed, a very foolish action.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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