U.S. is now the biggest human rights abuser

How fitting that the Trump White House would slink away from the United Nations Council on Human Rights like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs.They can make up all the phony excuses they want, everyone sees it as the "fake news" it is. We all know the real reason we had to leave the Human Rights Council is that the United States is now the world's biggest human rights abuser, locking up thousands of innocent children in cages. Even Kim Jong-un doesn't do that. And as for all this nonsense about an "anti-Israel bias," why are we defending an apartheid country anyway? Don't they deserve all the condemnation they get? I don't remember anyone jumping in to defend South Africa when they were running apartheid.

Then again, South Africa never offered access to the oil fields of the Middle East.

William Smith, Baltimore

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