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The Sun is a shill for Governor Larry Hogan

The endorsement of Larry Hogan for governor is not surprising (“Sun endorsement: Hogan for Maryland governor,” Oct. 24). The Sun has become a Hogan public relations publication. Sadly, this has helped people believe that Governor Hogan is a moderate. The reality is he's a conservative living in Maryland.

Mr. Hogan brags about school funding in Baltimore when he actually wanted to reduce it but was forced by a Democratic formula that was already in place to increase funding. He brags about free community college tuition when that was a veto-proof majority and he had already lost several vetoes. So why risk losing another during election season? His support of Washington area transit when Baltimore needed it far more was nothing more than an attempt to dilute the black vote, and that would be much easier in wealthy Prince George’s County where I reside.

The governor tries to distance himself from President Donald Trump, yet he backs many of the same candidates and policies as President Trump. He falls in line with the extremely unqualified Betsy Devos. Mr. Hogan’s only goal is the 2020 U.S. Census and courts. His goal is to shape our congressional and legislative districts similar to Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and others. Sorry, but a second term for Mr. Hogan will be similar to Chris Christie in New Jersey and Rick Snyder in Michigan. And that is extremely harmful for Maryland and great for the Koch brothers who fund him.

Brian Cooper, Hyattsville

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