Hogan raised taxes but won't use it on schools

So Gov. Larry Hogan doesn't want to spend more on school operations as recommended by the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education because of his pledge not to raise taxes (“Hogan announces plan to spend $3.5 billion on Maryland school construction, balks at estimated Kirwan costs,” Dec. 11). What a joke when you consider that because the state did not adjust its tax laws in light of the federal tax law changes passed in 2017, state taxes for 2018 for a substantial percentage of Maryland residents will increase substantially, resulting in a windfall of tax revenue.

The lame excuse for this was that the state could not determine the effects of the federal changes on state tax requirements. The state legislature is in large measure to blame for this, but political hack that he is, Governor Hogan sat by and didn't say boo. “See? I didn't raise taxes.” So he will coast on the windfall, as he has on the fiscal situation he inherited from Gov. Martin O'Malley, and spend the money on places where his voters live. The biggest loser in all this is Baltimore.

Joseph Costa, Baltimore

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