Hogan's road myopia won't get Maryland moving

The expenditure of $468 million for added lanes on I-695 is like buying a bigger belt to combat obesity. No wonder it is called the beltway. Wes Guckert of The Traffic Group is overjoyed because the additional revenue from Lexis Lanes can be used to build even more lanes/congestion/obesity (“Hogan beltway plan makes sense,” Dec. 26).

Like the unfortunate Joe in Mr. Wardle's employ in Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers, the revenue schemes of Gov. Larry Hogan will make traffic go even slower, much like the Pickwickian syndrome of Joe whose proclivity for cakes made him lethargic, apneic and listless. Mr. Guckert doesn't mention a bit about public transit. That isn't on his radar. But the $468 million for a couple extra lanes and some toll booths should be compared to the paltry $135 million spent on the incredibly underachieving BaltimoreLink bus overhaul. Baltimore City and public transit would be another unfortunate Jo in the Dickens oeuvre, the starving dying street sweeping Jo of Toms-all-alone alley in Bleak House.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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