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Now is Hogan's chance to stand up for the environment

The editorial “Larry Hogan, reluctant environmentalist” (Jan. 7) was a great summary of Gov. Larry Hogan’s recent record with environmental policy, and I couldn’t agree more that he has approached a defining moment in his political career with the arrival of this year’s General Assembly.

Governor Hogan’s decision to vote against a fracked gas pipeline was ultimately a sound one. That being said, he still owes his constituents concrete answers in regards to his position on issues of climate change and environmental degradation.This General Assembly will be his chance to stand with concerned Marylanders who are depending on him to help us create the sustainable future on which our health and well-being so dearly depend.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is about building healthier and more resilient communities. The bill doesn’t simply pursue the introduction of more clean energy industries in the state of Maryland. It pursues redress for those whose communities have been hurt by Maryland’s trash incinerators (which have been subsidized under Maryland’s Renewable Energy Portfolio) and it seeks to empower Maryland’s working class by requiring investment in clean energy job training and support for women and minorities in the clean energy sector.

Mr. Hogan claims to be aware of the gravity of climate change as an economic and public health issue. However, gestures like his highway widening project and his infamous cancellation of the Red Line have me and many others questioning whether or not he really knows what it takes to seek sustainability and resilience on a regional level. I hope that when it comes time to vote on the Clean Energy Jobs Act Governor Hogan realizes that, in respect to climate change, it’s not enough to just perceive.

All of Maryland, especially its most vulnerable communities, are depending on Hogan to act.

Lauryn Countess, Baltimore County

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