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Gov. Hogan doesn't deserve a second term

I am sometimes told that no one reads The Baltimore Sun anymore, and I usually demur. Then I found out on Tuesday (“Sun endorsement: Hogan for Maryland governor,” Oct. 24) that not even the editorial board reads The Sun.

I have been reading Baltimore Sun articles on Larry Hogan’s work as governor since 2014. That is why I know that he opposes a $15 minimum wage with a right to organize a union. Also, I learned that he opposes any attempt to get health care for every person in Maryland. I found that until recently his ranking from the National Rifle Association was an A-minus, and now he is a well-performing B. Also, due to reports from The Sun, I am aware that Mr. Hogan favors school privatization and disrespects the schoolteacher union.

I seem to be the only person who reads and remembers that the governor delayed any raise to state workers until this year. Nor did he do anything to prepare for the upcoming change around state workers’ prescription drug coverage. Thus, it has become a confusing mess for Medicare agencies and for workers. Funny, it was in The Baltimore Sun that I learned that Mr. Hogan thinks longer prison sentences will solve the crime problem, rather than measures like bail reform. How can The Sun justify endorsement of Mr. Hogan with their acknowledgment that his cancellation of the Red Line cost Baltimore jobs?

Mr. Hogan ran on, and won on, the “Rain Tax.” Now, we know that improved storm water management would have saved Maryland taxpayers from having to reconstruct Ellicott City twice. Further reading has taught me that Mr. Hogan actively pursues contracts with companies allowing oil and gas pipelines from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. The thing that many, possibly including the editorial board, seem to know (not from reading the endorsement) is that they can have a feel-good tax rate for a little while longer. Congratulations.

Cindy Farquhar, Baltimore

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