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Pugh went after a business opportunity with Healthy Holly books

Two years ago, state Sen. Catherine Pugh was elected mayor to lead the people of Baltimore out of the doldrums of a city doomed by a high crime rate, relentless shootings, dope trafficking and a culture of mistrust between the African-American communities and the police department. Ms. Pugh took on this challenge mainly for the love of her people and the satisfaction that she could make a difference for the people of Baltimore City (“Mike Busch, Catherine Pugh and that thing called integrity,”) Apr. 8. It was an insurmountable task that most people would balk at. But she took on the challenge with tremendous enthusiasm. In two short years, she has much to her credit, including her relentless fight to keep the Preakness in Baltimore.

Along the way, Ms. Pugh had many friends and associates in her corner. She was a far-reaching person who could certainly see the forest for the trees. In her infinite wisdom, she could see the need for a children’s health book. Armed with that foresight, she had the good sense to establish a limited liability corporation to carry out her dreams.

Let us not forget for a minute that there are thousands of minority and women-owned businesses that are certified by the Small Business Administration to do business with the federal, state and local governments, as well as to do business-to-business. These minority-owned small businesses are given tons of work under the umbrella of “sole source.” If they were not given sole source work by the government and others, they would be much further behind the minority wealth curve than they are presently. Sole source work under federal regulations often times is justified by claiming that there is only one source and no other who has the ready product to go to market with a product needed by the general public. It was children’s health in Ms. Pugh’s case. She saw a requirement by the health agencies and took the initiation to satisfy that requirement. How she went about it was genius to say the least.

I see a very resourceful person here who seized the opportunity to better herself as a minority woman in a society otherwise dominated by whites. I personally think that she should be commended for her foresight and demeanor. It is not like she robbed a bank. She was only doing what any foresighted person would do. Seize the opportunity and make the most of it. Having said that, I do not see where her actions in any way affected the daily operations of the city government.

D. Colligan, Glen Burnie

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