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Don't trust politicians to fix health care system

All this weekend, the representatives of one party, like U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen, have touted that we can trust them to take care of our health care while the other party tried 20 times in Barack Obama's administration to get rid of care for pre-existing conditions.

As usual, on both sides, they talk with half-truths and outright lies. Mr. Obama knows well that the Republicans' attempt to change the health care law was an attempt to get rid of his whole program in order to redo it. They did not just target pre-existing conditions and even now any attempt to change things is for a new whole cloth bill.

As with all issues, voters must remember the actions of all sides in the past history. Remember "Vote for it to know what is in it." Remember that not one member of the opposition voted for the Affordable Care Act even in the face of political suicide. Remember Mr. Obama's lies about keeping the good aspects of the health care we had including doctors, programs, rates, etc. Remember how when Obamacare hit the streets, it was nothing like it was promised to be. Remember the Democratic agent who wrote much of that bill mocked the voters for being stupid and accepting anything told them. Remember how the cost of Obamacare went up drastically and most people opted out of it, paid the penalty and went without health care. Yet those who forced it through told us it increased the number of those covered. What of all those who had to opt out? I guess they did not care about counting them.

When the talking heads of either party tell you they will take care of your health care, remember how they have fought over this and worked for political points instead of working together to really help us. Remember that in a few years the government's ability to pay for any health care will be squashed by our debt. Remember how our economy has improved. The future could drastically change that if we get single-payer health care. Remember how people wait in Canada for simple and complex operations for months and years. One could die from such care!

Rev. Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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