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Andy Harris is no fan of free speech

After a long wait, Rep. Andy Harris finally had another “town hall” from the one last year in Wye Mills (“Maryland Democrats call on Rep. Harris to denounce Roy Moore,” Nov. 10). This time it was on the tax plan, and quickly we realized Mr. Harris was his spineless self. He spent the week doing everything possible to suppress turnout like holding it next to a construction zone where the main road was rerouted, using a smaller room to prevent more of the district from coming and not promoting the event until the last minute.

These actions alone were unacceptable, but it got a lot worse from there. Representative Harris promised an unbiased moderator but choose controversial Wicomico County sheriff and Fox News contributor Mike Lewis who screamed over constituents. Mr. Harris refused to let us speak to him directly and forced us to write our questions down on cards, then picked and chose those he wanted to answer — all while standing there lecturing us for wanting to speak to our representative.

Mr. Harris speaks of his family coming from a communist country where they weren’t allowed to vote, or speak out against the government or talk to government officials. But every time he holds a town hall or constituents try to have a conversation with him, he employs similar tactics to silence constituents. Anyone who spoke out against him at the recent event was removed or threatened with removal, and he constantly misquoted information and articles to promote an agenda and political party over the people of the First District — just like the communist party of Hungary did to its people.

Representing a congressional district isn’t about political parties, big donors or personal interests. It is about representing and doing what is best for the people who elected Mr. Harris, and if the congressman can’t hold normal town halls, he should at least let his constituents address him directly. If he can’t put the people of the district over party, he should not run for re-election in 2018.

Jared Schablein, Pittsville

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