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Harford County schools job losses show need for Kirwan Commission funding

One of my favorite things about my husband is his whole-hearted belief that teaching is possibly the most important profession there is, and that educators should be treasured and well supported.

Like so many of my friends here in Harford County, I am deeply saddened that most likely, a lot of educators are going to lose their jobs soon, our class sizes are going to go up, and accordingly, stress will go up for the educators who remain (“Harford superintendent proposes cutting 179 teaching, administrative positions to close $35 million budget gap,” Dec. 18).

I just want to remind people that we are not without recourse.The 2019 legislative session starts next month, hopefully the Kirwan Commission will have its findings by then, and the important business will begin for our lawmakers to decide which recommendations (such as paying teachers what they're worth and smaller class sizes) to implement and how. If these events are touching your heart, your children, or your pocketbook, make sure you speak up in the coming months. Write, call and visit your legislators. Consider going to a lobby day and testifying (or provide written testimony) before a hearing about how your life is personally affected.

These events are sad and frustrating, but I encourage all of us to take that emotion and turn it into action and collective power.

Allison Berkowitz, Bel Air

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