Cutting class, taking selfies — gun protests are hardly educational

Look at your front page photo. What’s wrong with this picture (“March for gun safety,” March 6)? As a community organizer and activist, I’m appalled you’d select a closeup of kids engrossed in taking selfies while protesting gun violence. They’re otherwise engaged and out of touch. Kim Hairston is a fine photo journalist, so no doubt plenty of other shots were available to illustrate this story.

It’s great these kids cut class and took a stand against the horror of school shootings, but please, spare us the selfies, the self-congratulatory postings on social media and the rampant egomania. It’s true we can’t end violence, but paying attention to the world around you is a step in the right direction. Had the citizens in Florida protested the way Nikolas Cruz and his caregivers ignored all the warning signs was a perfect example of why bad stuff happens. Any kid as mixed up and threatening as Nikolas Cruz appeared to be never should have had access to firearms.

Regarding Mayor Catherine Pugh’s plan to spend over $100,000 to send a bunch of students to Washington, as a taxpayer I resent this largess. If all those cell phone toting, selfie taking, social media-addicted young folks were truly serious, they’d raise the money themselves. It would send a much stronger message (“Baltimore student protests and the $100,000 field trip,” March 7).

R. N. Ellis, Baltimore

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