Planned Balt. Co. gun range is on target

Ordinarily, I would question the wisdom of locating what, at first glance, looks like a high-end shooting range in a populated area such as Owings Mills (“Baltimore County Council OKs step toward possible TIF at Tradepoint Atlantic; backs ‘guntry club’ zoning,” Dec. 4). But there are two points in favor of this proposal.

First, the proposed facility's focus on training. Anyone who has worked in public safety knows that proper training makes all the difference and is equally important to civilians who handle firearms. Such training needs to be easily accessible for people to take advantage of it. Second, having had the pleasure of working with Rick Landsman, I have no doubt the proposed club will be run in a first-class manner and will be an asset to the Owings Mills business community.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, this project deserves our support.

Frank Wilsey, Baltimore

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