All you need to know about the next governor — in 45 seconds or less

Maryland Public Television and WBAL did a disservice to the Democratic candidates for governor and the viewers in Monday night's debate (“Zurawik: First TV debate with Democratic candidates for governor reveals more than you might expect,” May 21). The one-hour length of the debate and the format that only allowed 45 seconds to respond to questions required the candidates to come up with sound bites, not thoughtful responses.

The Democratic Party also has to share blame by including all the candidates in the debate, which made the enterprise lack seriousness. The party is in the process of selecting its candidate to face a formidable opponent in Gov. Larry Hogan. Voters and the candidates who seek the party's nomination deserved better than the amateurish production it got from the debate sponsors and Democratic Party leaders.

Oz Bengur, Baltimore

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