Criticism of GOP often goes off the deep end

Considering that Christine Adams is employed as a college history professor, it’s disturbing that she fails to see that recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions can't simply be framed as anti-LGBTQ and that justices may come out on the side of the competing right of free exercise of religion, particularly when it involves coerced speech as in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision (“What else does the GOP want?” July 8).

Educators should understand the legitimate points of view of both of our major political parties rather than describing one as acting from only evil and selfish motives. Gerrymandering has been a tool of both Democratic and Republican parties in power, and voter ID laws are not prima facie evidence of a desire to suppress minority votes. The left has their sacred ideologies, but the free market “ideology” espoused by the right is one our country was founded on and which has enabled our economic rise.

The Janus v. AFSCME decision is more fairly described as supporting an employee's right not to be coerced to pay dues to unions that lobby for causes they don't support, rather than an intent to unfairly end employee bargaining power. We need a more nuanced and balanced understanding of the issues of the day, not one-sided rants like those President Donald Trump favors.

Mary Jo Hofmann, Parkville

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