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Goodson deserved not guilty verdict

While there is no doubt that the Freddie Gray tragedy has nudged Baltimore and even the entire country toward needed reduction in police arrogance toward its citizens and helped spawn the justified Black Lives Matter movement, I am nevertheless delighted that Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. has again been acquitted of wrongdoing (“Was Goodson acquitted because he’s innocent or because BPD screwed up the case?” Nov. 7).

It seems to me, probably out of fear of inciting further rioting, that media coverage of the entire Freddie Gray incident has been timid and one-sided. Why, for example, has there been so little discussion of the possibility that he fatally injured his own spinal cord by deliberately and repeatedly banging his head against the van wall in an effort to persuade the officers up front to take him to the hospital rather than to jail? Did no one object to the city's paying more than $6 million to his family?

Paul Edgar, Sparks

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