Frosh is right to fight Trump at every turn

Shame, shame, shame. Shame is clearly not an attitude or emotion felt by President Donald Trump and his supporters.

There is documented evidence of the disgusting way Mr. Trump treats women. We know how Mr. Trump treated students of Trump University. We know because a court ordered a $25 million settlement for students of his bogus educational enterprise. It is well documented that Mr. Trump cheated contractors working for him. We know that President Trump is a full time liar with absolutely no moral compass. What does this say about his supporters?

The way President Trump and his allies treat their fellow humans beings is shameful and will no longer be tolerated. We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by Donald Trump and his supporters, as their level of perversity will destroy what we and our ancestors have established. We need to fight them at every step, and we will win as we are smart and very determined to restore our national pride (“Baltimore manufacturer: 'I have never felt as optimistic as I have over the last year',” June 22).

We have been shocked to see how easily our values can be destroyed by some very ugly people, and we have learned the lesson that every vote counts and that we should not take our freedom for granted. We finally get it.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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