Protecting NRA after Fla. shooting is evil

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's and President Donald Trump's "prayers and condolences" are part of the very "evil" that Governor Scott identified at his TV news conference as being at the heart of school shootings (“Trump addresses Florida high school shooting without mentioning guns,” Feb. 15).

Yes, there is evil, but it is not the kind Governor Scott mentioned as the “cause” of such horror. It is not an amorphous, the-Devil-made-the-shooter-do-it kind of evil, as the governor would have it, that is making these shootings a normal feature of American life. His and Senator Rubio’s and President Trump’s words of "condolences" are a case study of evil of themselves, in that they serve as a protective shield for the National Rifle Association, which funds all these politicians, and its evil policies that are keeping America awash in weapons of mass destruction — guns that have no place in civilian society such as the AR-15 used in the latest school shooting.

J. Stephen Cleghorn, Baltimore

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