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Electric ferries in Md.: an idea worth exploring

I read Dan Rodricks’ recent column regarding ferries with great interest (“With electric ferries, Maryland won’t need a third bay bridge,” March 8). His proposed use of an electric ferry fleet to provide multiple bay crossings in the place of a new bridge offers several benefits. Modern electric ferries would be clean alternative to diesel ships at the same time they are moving hundreds of non-running cars and trucks across the Chesapeake Bay. Operating multiple ferries from various locations along the bay spreads the traffic away from traditional choke points. Infrastructure investment would be required for the ferry landings and access to them but this would be no where near the cost of a new bridge. The public would be able to start crossing the Chesapeake Bay much sooner on these ferries than they would be able to if they have to wait for the proposed new bridge.

Several years ago, my wife and I traveled to Scotland where part of the trip was crossing the Firth of Clyde by ferry. This trip was a similar distance as crossing the Chesapeake Bay and I found that it added to the enjoyment of our vacation and gave me a better understanding of that waterway and country. I think the same would be true for people traveling in our state. Businesses on either side of the bay may want to encourage ferry travel with related promotions. Who knows? This may even encourage renewed shipbuilding in Baltimore or other parts of the state.

I enjoyed reading Mr. Rodricks’ article and hope Gov. Larry Hogan and lawmakers did the same and will act on this idea.

Ron Hammans, Lusby

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